Not long ago, I was only a hardcore gamer girl. I devote majority of my time playing mainstream online games, most especially Dota. (Hence, you may call me a Dota girl!)

When I’m not on my computer, you can find me hanging out with my friends. Maintaining first blood (another Dota term) and goofing around with friends were the routine of my life until I got my heartbroken.

They say travelling can heal a broken a heart; so with overflowing optimism and strong determination, I started my journey to moving on. I went to Cebu with my friends hoping to heal and move on. Little did I know, this trip will be more than that. (This trip changed my whole life!)

We did Canyoneering (Woo exciting!) To my horror, I injured my back due to a very bad fall. I had excruciating pain. Three bones in my spine got compressed and another bone got squeezed like a tin can. I could be paralyzed for life.

I had a lot of questions in my mind. What if I cannot get up anymore, what if I cannot walk, what if I cannot stand on my feet after this, what if I cannot do the things that I normally do? What will happen to me? I was regretting all my decisions about that trip but I am also afraid that I won’t be able to travel anymore. I had just started to fall in love with travelling. Why does it have to end so quickly?

I thought it was the end of everything for me. But thank God, after all the pain, my surgery went well. With all the help from my family and friends, I was able to recover successfully. It was really a life turning moment for me. After that incident, I had a deeper appreciation of life and more importantly, my family. I have learned to value my family more than anything. They have selflessly supported me and helped me get through my lowest point.

After the accident I feared that, I will not be able to travel anymore. But with God’s grace, here I am, fully recovered (mind, body and soul). I am on foot again like the accident never happened. I didn’t let the bad experiences stop me from travelling. And surprisingly along the way, I found my real passion — filming my travels! I realized that I wanted to capture and share the astonishing beauty of the places that I visit not only to my family and friends, but also to other people who wants to travel as well.

Diana Zoned means having a glimpse of different places and catching whole new experiences through watching my videos and make you feel that you’ve been “Diana Zoned”.

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