Catandayagan Falls


is a must-see waterfall in Masbate, located in the town of Monreal, Masbate in Ticao Island. This is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Masbate for its uniqueness and beauty. This is not your common falls for its 60ft discharge goes directly to the ocean. Catandayagan falls also offers its visitors very interesting rock formations. I’ve never seen a location quite like this, and one can only experience Catandayagan’s true beauty in person. Out of three islands we hopped to and visited, this is the place one shouldn’t miss in you’re Masbate itinerary.

Catandayagan Falls

Catandayagan can be accessed by boat ride for about 1 1/2 hours travel time. Once there, visitors can get close enough and jump off into the cold sea and swim beside the cascading waterfall to which I sadly couldn’t do since my gear is not waterproof. I Definitely would swim next time when I don’t have to be working on location. That time, we’re also happy because we’re the only visitor and had the chance to solo the place.

A word of caution for those who aren’t strong swimmers for the water by the falls is very deep so definitely at least wear a life vest.

As for the task of capturing the majesty of Catandayagan falls, I ran into minor problems like not having any land/platform to launch my drone. And so, I had to do it on the boat which was somewhat risky and difficult. Thankfully the shoot was a success and I got the job done.

To see it’s true beauty, the best time and experience is when it’s rainy season because the discharge of water is at its strongest.

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