RAID Free Diving Workshop by Azul Free Diving
What is RAID Philippines?

  • RAID training is a culmination of years of experience gained in the SCUBA training industry and assimilation of the best skill development from across the board combined and presented with the very latest technology to provide unmatched quality control SCUBA diver training.
  • The RAID training is presented to the student through the internet on a systems developed platform after careful study of long distance learn techniques from Australia to the USA. The system is now the most comprehensive e-learning programme in the world.
  • The system has been designed to integrate academic learning with practical facilitator lead development. The progressive learning system incorporates quality control throughout and interlinks the training facility with the student and instructor, providing a structure which ensures stands control and transparency.

There are 6 Courses in RAID Philippines, but in Manila they only offer the WSF Basic Freediver and WSF Freediver Courses. but sooner or later they will offer the WSF Advance Freediver. In Cebu, they offer the 6 courses.

  • WSF Freediver
  • WSF Advanced Freediver
  • WSF Master Freediver
  • WSF Freediving Instructor
  • WSF Master Freediving Instructor
  • WSF Freediving Instructor Trainer

We take the Free Diver Course which is 2,500-2800 Php by Azul Freediving  in Scuba Studio located in 308 Seaview cor. P Guevarra 1500 Manila,  by Valerie Faye Bautista. She is the first Filipina RAID Instructor who teaches RAID in Manila and Aldric Vincent Suan, a RAID Instructor too.

The course is 1.5-2 hours of Theory and Lecture, then 3-4 hours of Confined water session. In this course they will teach you the Free diving Guidelines and Theory which are the…

  • Mammalian Dive Reflex
  • Breathing Exercise
  • Dry Static
  • Equalization Technique
  • Free Immersion Technique
  • LMC and Black Out
  • Rescue

It was my first time trying free diving. Excited I’am but a little bit nervous too because I know I lack some skills in swimming. But as the lesson goes by I realize that I dont need to be a good swimmer or so called pro swimmer because the coaches gives techniques and will make you feel confident to do it as you learn by process. My main reason of wanting to learn free diving is because I want to take awesome pictures and videos underwater (surely for my vlogs and film.LMAO) My coach Valerie Faye Bautista is very professional and very accommodating as well. Everyone in the class has been so friendly and encouraging that makes the lesson so much fun. It was really a one of a kind experience! If ever you want to learn the discipline of free diving then you should try to enroll on Azul Freediving.

They offer the Raid Course which is 2 days for 13,000 with certification, excluded of Resort Fee and Equipment. The course will push through if you were group of 3-4 people who will enroll together. You can also choose any resort you want to practice.


You can go directly to the Free Diver course without taking the Basic Free Diver, you can also transfer to a different agency. For example you take the Aida 2 course then you want to enroll to RAID, you can already go to the Advance Free Diver Course because Aida course and RAID course is equivalent to each other. So there’s no problem about transferring to the other agency.


  • Scuba Studio located in 308 Seaview cor. P Guevarra 1500 Manila


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